Restoration Hardware

As the Creative Lead for digital production, I served as the primary owner and process evaluator of a proprietary digital asset library linking and publishing over 175,000 photos, products, and eComm assets. With the Director of Technology, I led the creation of this unique content management system that successfully integrated and streamlined communication, accessibility, and output between departments for seasonal assortments. I led the delivery of keystone web marketing initiatives such as holiday, outdoor, and seasonal launches on the eCommerce site. I led the successful effort to communicate product detail consistencies to the team in retouching, while managing 4 digital production artists, and was responsible for edits, configuration communication, and translation and tracking of issues in all digital product photography.  The digital team in eCommerce was responsible for prepping, optimizing, and publishing new photos, emails, and assets throughout all digital experiences. As an email campaign designer for this luxury home brand, I I produced and designed interactive campaigns, banner ads, and product pages for keystone web and marketing initiatives such as seasonal launches, new brand reveals, and promotional events as the brand expanded by more 70%.

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